Introduce yourself


Hello! I’m Matt and among other things I’m currently wearing the NZLARPS South Island Regional Director and the Cerberus Organiser Committee hats. As @IdiotSavant said, feel free to send any questions through to or and we’ll reply as soon as we can :slight_smile:

To answer your earlier question I’m not aware of any organised larping groups in Invercargill,but as luck would have it I am in Invercargill this coming weekend so if you want to meet up, drop an email through!


Hi, I’m Nicola. I moved to Wellington about three months ago from Europe. I turn 40 this year, which probably makes me about twice as old as the average player around here but probably not twice as wise. I’ve not been to any New Zealand events yet and haven’t met anybody that plays in them so I’m hoping to change that soon. (NZ LARPers are really hard to find in real life!) I’d like to maybe help out with running one first because I haven’t got a clue how the game is played here. As opposed to where I’m from, I mean.

It looks like I’ll be able to go to one of the two huge German events this year ( so feel free to drop me a line if anyone else is interested!


Hi Nicola,

I doubt you’re twice the average player age, but I don’t have the exact statistic to hand. You’re younger than me (and several others I know), if that makes you feel any better.

If you want to meet Wellington gamers then Kapcon is coming up soon (Wellington Anniversary Weekend). This is a tabletop RPG convention, but has a few small larps running and one larger (50-60 player) game on Saturday evening.


There’s a list of upcoming stuff in Wellington here.


@Catnip, @IdiotSavant, thanks for the tips. Kapcon looks like fun, I’ll sign up for that. Maybe for Hydra as well, not quite sure about that one yet. I might go for a day just to take a look at the site!