I can comfortably build one in one day on a weekend. Most of the time is spent waiting for the many layers of latex to dry. Sunny days are best for this :slight_smile:


A nice technique on here for flexible core extension susing hotglue:

larping.org/how-to-make-a-la ... on-part-1/

They're using tube rather than rod, which makes it a bit easier and means there isn't a join which can fail.


Great tip :smiley:


Because I'm now looking this up and other people may need it, this link has now changed to:

larping.org/articles/how-to- ... on-part-1/


A lot of good advice and background information here:
They also have patterns and instructions for making leather scale armor.


My mum has found a source for the pigment for acrylic paint - just the pigment, not the carrier medium. Next time I’m working with latex I’ll try using that instead of paint to colour it and report back :smiley: